Enchanted Scroll

Seer’s Scroll:

This ivory tube is one-foot long, its ends capped by exquisitely formed golden caps. Their surfaces covered with obsidian scripture. A golden clasp at the center of the tube holds it shut and no means of manipulation seem to be able to open it. It was gifted to Kurama by his lord’s oracle at court. The samurai was told that it would aid him during his journey and open only when the time was right. All but Kurama who have attempted to touch it have had their hands pass through it as if the scroll did not exist. Only Emdee, the bardic halfling, has yet to lay his hands upon the ivory case. After having a vision of lights chasing after Emdee from the scroll, Kurama is set on getting Emdee to touch it of his own free will, a difficult task.

Touched by Emdee:

The scroll suddenly flares to life, its surface becoming hot to the touch. The before unlockable clasp snaps open and the scroll unfurls of its own accord. Its paper, bone white and bare, suddenly blazes forth as a red and angry script scrawls itself upon the surface as if written by some unseen, ghostly hand. In the common tongue it reads, “Alone my love you lay at last, our woes and fears left to the past.”

Enchanted Scroll

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