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The Story So Far Part 1

The tale began as Emdee, Omar, and Milo fled north to the nation of Karrnath, having just witnessed a dark and foul ritual committed by agents of the Order of the Emerald Claw. Overpowered and with nowhere to turn, the trio made their escape, sure that the order was on their tales.

In the blustery north, the three found themselves on the eastern edge of the Karrnwood where they were assaulted by a party of gnolls, only to find out that they creatures were part of a larger force attacking a carriage and it’s human cargo a short ways ahead. The trio made short work of the beasts, then introduced themselves to the carriage riders who turned out to be Mayor Emmon Walthrum of Briddenburrow, and his daughter Lydia. The mayor thanked his rescuers, inviting his rescuers to come visit Briddenburrow and enjoy the festivities off their Frost Eve Festival. Hoping to gain a respite from the trials of the road and perhaps disappear their tracks from the Emerald Claw, the trio accepted.

They were welcomed to Briddenburrow with applause and all the pomp the small fishing village could muster. The party was reward for their valor and offered either a room at the mayor’s manor home or the local inn, the Worm’s Tail. After seeing the state of the small town however, the one thing on the party’s mind was escape. They chose to head to the docks and see if anyone was in the harbor. Luckily, they came across Swashbeard Seasmash, a dwarven sea trader known to Omar. His vessel, the Wave Smasher, had landed into port a short while ago and the dwarf was eager to get back to sea. For a small fee of 500 golden Galifars per passenger, he would gladly sail them to whatever destination they named. Unable to talk the dwarf down and lacking in funds after their quick departure from Karrnath, the party vowed to return when they had accrued enough gold to buy passage.

While out and about in the village attempting to pick up leads, the party meets an elven mage named Fusuvius. He describes to them an ancient burial site where the villagers pay homage to their honored dead from a great battle from generations ago. The site is also where mayor Walthrum and his daughter had been traveling from when the party encountered them on the road north. Unsure what they might find at the site, the trio decided to investigate the area.

At the grave site, the party found little besides the burial mounds of the dead and a great stone monolith carved into the likeness of a sword plunged into the earth, the names of the deceased etched and worn into its surface. As they searched for some clues or leads, Omar felt the need to relieve himself, incurring the wrath of the treant he unknowingly marked. As repayment for this disrespect, the treant offered either death for the party or the death of an ancient and withered elven mage, the man whom the trio had encountered only a short while ago in Briddenburrow. Evidently, Fesuvius was an ancient enemy of the treants of the Karrnwood, slaying them and sapping their energy to extend his already exorbitantly long life. The party agreed, and they were gifted with an oaken knife made from the treant himself. Slaying the elf with the knife would bestow upon him some sort of vengeance the treant chose not to elaborate.



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