Milahket "Milo" Crankbolt

Milo is a fun loving gnome, if a bit naive. He enjoys honey cookies and the feel of cool grass between his toes.


Milo is a gnome. He stands only three feet tall and is thirty-eight years old, just two years shy of adulthood in gnomish years. His body is small and slender, his head topped with brilliantly colored hair, its hues of yellow, orange, and red mimicking a roaring campfire. His pale-gold eyes are large and luminous and are held in place by a perpetual smile. He wears a shirt of enchanted leather marred by neither scrape nor smudge of dirt, his pants are brown and ragged, their cuffs frayed and tattered. Nothing covers his feet; they are bare and perpetually covered in a layer of mud and dirt. Across his shoulders is slung a brown leather satchel, otherwise unremarkable but for the bronze clasp inlaid with a small emerald. He also carries an enchanted long spear, considered short for any race larger than he, its powers allowing it to return to his hands seconds after it has found its mark.

Milo is on the search for his brother, Halumgalom Crankbolt, a sorcerer whose necrotic powers were gained through their shared bloodline. Hal went missing some time ago in the capital city of Karrnath, where Milo met Emdee and the stalwart Omar. There, the trio were chased out after bearing witness to a violent and unsettling ritual performed by members of the Order of the Emerald Claw. Unsure of what exactly he saw, Milo fled with Emdee and Omar in tow and together the trio remains on the run as the Emerald Claw attempts to track them down.

Milo’s closest friend is found in his grizzly bear companion, Meg. As Milo is relatively young where gnomes are concerned, Meg acts as a matronly figure for him, keeping him out of harm and defending him when danger is near.

Milo is thankful for his new friends and finds some solace in the fact that they seem to want to help him. He worries for the fate of his brother so much so that even handfuls of his beloved honey cookies cannot stave off these ill feelings.

Milahket "Milo" Crankbolt

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