Meg, What Should I Write In Here? Something About Cookies Maybe...

The Story So Far Part 2

Back In Briddenburrow
  • Emdee, Omar, and Milo met with Fesuvius. Rather than slaying him outright, they decided to lead him back to the grave site where the treant could deal with the elf as he wished. They agreed to meet the next morning and lead Fesuvius there, the elf not knowing their true intent.
  • At the Wormtail Inn, the trio encountered Kurama Narcasm, a kitsune samurai on a mission to obtain the stolen property of his lord with leads pointing to members of the Emerald Claw as the culprits.
  • Kurama produced an enchanted scroll gifted to him by a seer in service to his lord. Thus far, he had been unable to open it, and when any of the party members attempted to open it, they failed as well. All but for Emdee, who refused to touch the scroll for some unknown reason.
  • As the trio made to depart, Kurama alone witnessed the scroll animate and follow after Emdee, finding afterwards that it was still located in his pack. Struck by the realization that Emdee may somehow be tied to the scroll, Kurama decided to offer his talents and travel with the party. He was accepted and immediately gifted with a honey cookie from Milo.
  • The next morning, the four met with Fesuvius in the midst of a snow squall. They didn’t let the weather stop them, however, and the five of them made their way to the grave site.
At the Grave Site
  • Fesuvius rewarded the party with the gold he promised them as Milo sneaked off to get the attention of the treant.
  • When the treant appeared, he and the party easily overpowered the elven mage, leaving his body for the treant to do with as it thought necessary. The party was also sure to loot any treasure left on Fesuvius’ body before they left, with Emdee snagging his powerfully enchanted staff.
Back in Town (Again)
  • The party was met with a gruesome sight once they returned to Briddenburrow hours later: the town was in shambles. While they were gone, gnolls from the same tribe they had fended off previously had attacked, burning, pillaging, and stealing.
  • As Milo aided with repair and healing the wounded and dying, Emdee, Omar, and Kurama sought out the mayor to gather further details on what had happened. He bid them head into the Icewood and rout the hyenas from their home. The three agreed, then went to find Milo. Once they’d done so, Emdee led the party to the docks and Swashbeard’s ship.
  • Rather than helping out, Emdee and the others thought it might be a better idea to get out of Karrnath sooner rather than later as they were worried the Emerald Claw may still be hot on their tails. Milo protested vehemently, but was ultimately convinced.
  • Using the enchanted staff as a bartering piece, Emdee was able to use it as payment for passage on the Wave Smasher. They set out to the sea minutes later, the smoke rising from the town behind in farewell.



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